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Camelot Update - April 15, 2018

We had a Huge and Wonderful Week - it started with the Williamsburg trip and ended with the Upper School Dance and the Ultimate Tournament.  On top of that, Mr. Oliver returned for a visit!  No time to rest...the days are few and the things to come are many!
It is incredible to realize that this coming week is the last full week of our regular schedule for the school year.  After standardized testing, Middle and Upper School students will start the X Schedule on April 30.  That means  all English, Science and Social Studies classes currently being taught will be finishing by the end of this month.  Math and Foreign Language classes continue through the last month of school (May).
Congratulations to...
...Module 9 Merit and Honor Roll students:
Merit:  Sebastian Ball, Andy Kreeger, Ellie Scammell, Jarah Anderson, Dean McCalmon, Ruby Richey, Hardit Bhutani, Zoe Jones, Jackson McCalmon, Nithya Mohanan, Guillaume Preud'homme, Mira Salemy,  Lincoln Smith, Catherine Williams, Shya Chakeres, Michael Mouawad, Ray Pommerich, Mattie Ramont,  Beckett Shulman, Jackie Wenzlik,  Clarabelle Brown, Ben Freeman, Dominic Harding, Ashley Hartman, Sammy Olson, Eli Terry, Michael Lorente and Ian Powrie.
Honor:  Nate Hopkins, Anna Bailey, Natalie Bailey, Nina Elvin, Ephram Oliver, Graham Poteat, Charlotte Robinson, Max Terry, Kevin Cui, Tully Daniel, Emily Ren, Claire Rusconi-Warner, RyanRusconi-Warner,  Blaze Theil, Elizabeth Whetzel, Izzi Brown, Heather Hartman, Zach Ireland, Megan Milner, Cyan Pell, Elliot Webster, Sylvia Xu, Sally Yang, Sean Kowis, Kendall Sliva, WilliamWhetzel, Hannah Bao, Virginia Bruhn, Isaac Goldwater, Bobby Henninger, Rachel Kowis and Dora Xiao.
...both of our ultimate teams.  
Team A  finished the season in the tournament yesterday with yet another exciting game.
Team B enjoyed a final week that included two wins!  
Team A: Chris Radcliffe, Hannah Bao, Carson Blythe, L.M. Fountain , Travis Fountain, Isaac Goldwater, Zach Ireland , Harry Jones, Claire Rusconi-Warner, Ian Robinson, Ben Sharp, WilliamWhetzel, and Peiyan Wu.
Team B:
Tully Daniel, Dominic Harding, Ashley Hartman, Simon Holt, Charlotte Robinson, Charlotte Sun, Julian Steinmeyer, Gabriella Taylor, Eli Terry, Max Terry and Jack Lu.
Thanks to:  
...Ms. Michelle for orchestrating the Williamsburg trip - and Ms. Amy and Mr. Tom for chaperoning. Thanks also to Kim Holt, Xavier Preud’homme, Jack McCalmon, Brent Laster, Brandon Petelle andManpreet Bhutani for their on-trip support.
...Ms. Jenny and Ms. Magda for planning and executing a lovely Upper School dance.
...Robert Sutcliffe for his work as DJ and the for their invaluable assistance before, during and after the event entire student dance committee.
...Parents Angela and Dougald Fountain, Patti Harding and Donna McCarraher, Bruce and Rebecca Elvin and Carlos Feaster.
...Coach Carlos, Coach Tom and AD Berro for a super Ultimate Season.
...All of the staff who supported all of these activities on site and “back at the ranch” in ways too numerous to list here.
Our annual in-school Talent Show is coming up the week of April 23.  Students will be able to sign up this week with an act to share (3 minute max) displaying a musical, dramatic, comedic, poetic or other talent.  This in-school event happens in the afternoon on one of our standardized testing days.
Camelot Farm Eggs - ready for your order!
- Order by Wednesday and pick up on Friday!
Details and sign-up her:
Summer Programs!
Our team has been hard at work planning our themes for EduVentures (ages 6-12).
Morning literature, writing and math activities will tie to afternoon activities and excursions.
Over the course of the six weeks, all key elementary concepts will be reinforced by DOING.
Whether it be weighing and measuring fish caught in our farm pond or writing lab reports using the Scientific Method, we are excited about the engaging material being prepared for your youngsters.
Middle and Upper School students have received Exam Review Sheets for their April exams.  These require return with a parent signature.  April Exams will take place in all current classes EXCEPT for math and foreign language classes.  
Games Club has concluded for the school year.
The Week Ahead:  
Midnight - Lunch order deadline for next week
Midnight - Advance sign-up for After-Care deadline for next week
Review Day for April Exams
Last Friday Elective class day
Review Day for April Exams
Global Studies candidate interviews
Wednesday-Friday, April 25-27- Annual Standardized Testing (Grades 2-11)
Friday, April 27 - Early Dismissal (12:15 MAPP and Middle), 12:30 Upper School
Monday, April 30 - X Schedule begins
I hope you have a great week.
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