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Camelot Update - April 22, 2018

We are thrilled to welcome Blakey Ann Heiner to the world! Congratulations to Ms. Nicole, her husband Chris and Blakey’s “big siblings” - Cade and Hadley - on the early Friday morning birth of this little girl!
We are excited to welcome Ms. Rachel back from her maternity leave on Monday.  She will be in the Jr MAPP classrooms several mornings over the coming weeks.  We also welcome Robyn Stephens to the MAPP teaching team this month - she has worked with our teachers to put together many exciting adventures for the next few weeks.
“Excitement” is the operative word for the tone at school these days - so much to look forward to that you can feel it building - Spring Festival, talent show, sports banquet, Evening of the Arts and... graduation!  In addition, the second semester portion of our X schedule promises many amazing experiences - including many outings to the Camelot farm, a trip to the Harris nuclear plant, student job shadows, guest speakers and much, much more!
The coming week includes standardized testing for students in grades 2-11.  There will be special activities for students in Kinder/1st, most juniors and seniors (see below).  The annual standardized testing is a State Requirement for private schools.  We administer the ERB CTP IV, which is a nationally-normed test that also provides private school norms.  Second graders take the test unofficially as a “practice” year.  Test results are part of a student’s permanent record but are not used for promotion decisions.  Our students are ready for these tests and have spent some time since Spring Break brushing up on general test-taking skills.  The biggest things left to do to ensure a good week is to see that students arrive at school well rested, on time and having eaten breakfast.
Details of the Wednesday-Friday morning test periods for those NOT testing:
K/1 - Field trip schedule was included in the Class Newsletter
Juniors* - College visits with Mr. Matt each morning - permission slip with details will go home on Monday
Seniors* - A written schedule for the week was provided at the Friday meeting
*AP English students, no matter in what grade, are to attend the AP English classes on Wednesday and Thursday morning.  The Friday session is optional.
Congratulations to...
...Izzi Brown and Ada Liu on their acceptance to National Honor Society.
Also, kudos to the following National Honor Society Board members who have been elected for the 2018-2019 school year.  
President - Sean Kowis
Vice President - Ada Liu
Treasurer - Kira Arges
Secretary - Kendall Sliva
We are seeking volunteers to help with the 2018 Graduation Receptions.
More specific details on job assignments will be available upon sign up.
Please click on the link below to find the assignment that works for you!
Camelot Farm Eggs - ready for your order!
- Order by Wednesday and pick up on Friday!
Details and sign-up her:
Summer Programs!
Our team has been hard at work planning our themes for EduVentures (ages 6-12).
Morning literature, writing and math activities will tie to afternoon activities and excursions.
Over the course of the six weeks, all key elementary concepts will be reinforced by DOING.
Whether it be weighing and measuring fish caught in our farm pond or writing lab reports using the Scientific Method, we are excited about the engaging material being prepared for your youngsters.
Monday is the last day for students to sign up for the Wednesday in-school Talent Show!
The Week Ahead:  
Middle and Upper School Exam Day
Middle and Upper School Exam Day
Standardized Testing
Talent Show
Midnight - Lunch order deadline for next week
Standardized Testing
Spring Festival   
Midnight - Advance sign-up for After-Care deadline for next week
Standardized Testing
Early Dismissal (12:15 MAPP and Middle), 12:30 Upper School
Athletic Banquet at the farm!
Monday, April 30 - X Schedule begins
Friday, May 4 - Evening of the Arts (a REQUIRED parent event). 6:45 PM Hayti Heritage Center
I hope you have a great week.
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