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Grading Scale

Lower School

The grading scale used on report cards for students in grades K-2 mirrors the mastery learning methodology used throughout the school. The children are scored on a scale, which gives grades of 'N' (needs improvement), 'D' (beginning to develop mastery), and 'M' (displays mastery). The reports also show whether the children are below, on, or above grade level in mathematics, reading, and English.

In Kindergarten and Junior MAPP (first and second grade), the children do not have letter grades given to them in their daily work. Senior MAPP (third and fourth grade), and Middle Grades (fifth and sixth grade) classrooms do employ a letter grading system, following the 10 point scale that is used in the Upper School.

Upper School

Camelot students must achieve a score of at least 80% on a test to be considered to have demonstrated mastery. Students who score below the mastery level will have three days within which to make arrangements to retake the test. A retest may consist of identical questions or equivalent questions on the same material; the decision is left to the teacher's discretion. If a student does not retake the test within the three day time period, the initial grade will stand. When a student does retake a test, the new score is averaged with all previous scores on that material in order to arrive at the grade for that unit.

Please note that each instructor will share pace guidelines with parents at conferences, and a student may also earn an Incomplete for insufficient pace in a class. A written warning is sent home at mid-semester if a student is in danger of receiving an Incomplete in any class.

For end-of-semester grading and final exams, the following guidelines are used:

  • 97-100% A+
  • 93-96% A
  • 90-92% A-
  • 87-89% B+
  • 83-86% B
  • 80-82% B-
  • 77-79% C+
  • 73-76% C
  • 70-72% C-
  • less than 70% - Incomplete (no credit earned).