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Why Camelot?

Our Unique Program Offers:

  • Small Classes (10:1 student/teacher ratio)
    Camelot's small size and dedicated teaching staff make it possible for students to have a tailor-made educational experience.

  • Diagnostic Testing
    Each student's knowledge base and learning style is "diagnosed" in each subject area. Every school year begins with a period of assessment and is closely followed by a staff retreat, during which the needs of each student are discussed and a plan is formulated to meet those needs.

  • Individualized Curriculum
    The "prescription" designed by the faculty to meet the needs of a particular student, based on their test results, course of study requirements, classroom evaluation, and parental input.

  • Contact Director of Admissions
    Scott Mitchell

  • Mastery-Based Learning (see Frequently Asked Questions)
    This approach enables gifted and talented students to achieve to the highest level of their ability, while ensuring that no student moves on without mastering the key concepts needed for future success. This common sense approach (pioneered by Dr. Benjamin Bloom) is the key to unlocking potential in all students.

  • Experienced Faculty (see Teacher Profiles)
    Camelot Academy has attracted its faculty members from across the country and the world. Several have won recognition in their chosen field, many have taught abroad - all have a passion for what they do.

  • Family-Like Atmosphere
    While a student's academic progress is our primary concern, providing a safe, nurturing environment that supports social and emotional growth is part of our mission as well. Days may be fast-paced, but always deliberative and purposeful with little or no wasted time. The culture of the school is such that time is taken to recognize good manners, hard work and academic achievement. It's cool to be smart at Camelot.

  • Key Role for Parents
    We recognize that parental involvement is critical to the success of the student. We spell out our expectations (such as attendance at two team conferences per year) in our contract with the parents, which is part of the enrollment process.

  • Outstanding College Placement Program (see College Acceptances)
    Camelot assists the student and his/her family through every phase of the college selection process - from zeroing in on the school(s) best suited to the student's needs, to helping them present themselves to maximum advantage during the application process, and navigating financial aid and scholarship opportunities as well. The graduating Class of 2009 received acceptances from New York University, George Washington University, Marymount Manhattan, Guilford College and UNC-Chapel Hill. They also received offers of merit-based scholarships averaging over $100,000 per student.

  • Accredited
    Camelot Academy is accredited by the National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA), meaning course work completed at Camelot Academy is transferable to other public or private schools. As part of our accreditation requirement we give a nationally normed, standardized test once a year in the spring (the ERBs - Educational Record Bureau exam).

  • Affordable Tuition (see Tuition, see Scholarships)
    Camelot has the lowest tuition rate among independent schools in the Triangle with no religious affiliation. It can also boast the highest percentage of tuition assistance through an array of merit-based scholarships, talent-based scholarships, sibling discounts and financial aid.