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Message from the Director (continued)

The ensuing twenty-five years have been as much an education for me as I could ever hope they'd be for Camelot's students and, fortunately, I wasn't on my own for long. The last quarter of a century has taken me on a journey of working with incredible children, parents, teachers and colleagues. There have been many breakthroughs and triumphs as well as many disappointments and heartaches along the way. Each and every person who has called Camelot Academy "home" has added to the vision and direction of the place such that now it has grown to a reality far beyond what I ever could have imagined as that bright eyed twenty-one-year-old.

I'm proud to share Camelot Academy with you. We have succeeded in creating a school where students enjoy learning, where the enthusiasm of the faculty is contagious and where everyone under our roof finds a supportive and nurturing environment in which to grow, learn and explore their potential. I hope to welcome you to our campus soon.

Thelma De Carlo-Glynn
Founding Director
Camelot Academy
(919) 688-3040