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China Trip!

March 30  

China Trip Travelers returned on Thursday night from a whirlwind 10-day excursion. They experienced everything from hikes in the forest to see pandas, to high-speed trains to lessons in cooking and silk making. Among the highlights was the day spent at our sister school and meeting the parents of our own Peiyan Wu in Beijing and Peter Zhao in Shanghai.

It is Thursday morning in Beijing

I just had a We Chat phone call from Ms. Amy and then from Mr Scott.  It was great to learn how everything is going.  They both have described the trip as exciting and thoroughly enjoyable.  The tour guide, Johnny, is winning raves.  Apparently our students have taught him how to play Ultimate Frisbee!
Yesterday was a very long (12 hour) day – with miles of walking.

In addition to Tiananmen Square, the group explored the  Forbidden City and The Temple of Heaven (which Amy described as being like Central Park) and then they took a rickshaw through very tiny roads.
The weather has been perfect, no pollution  - blue skies and temperatures in the 50’s.
The group is just going to breakfast now and soon will be taking a bus to the Great Wall of China and then the Ming  tombs.
Ms Stephanie is posting pictures and commentary of all of this on We Chat.  She encourages you all to use the app to view them – sign up and friend her at StephanieWillard.  The pictures appear in the Moments section of WeChat.
More to come!


China Update - Tuesday evening

Hi.  Our China travelers are just waking up for their first full day of sightseeing.  Last night they enjoyed a Peking Duck Dinner with their guide named Johnny before going to bed.  Today they will be going to Tiananmen Square and a cooking class, among other things.  Everyone seems to be in good spirits.
If you gain other info about the trip for me to share, please send it to me.