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Camelot Update - November 12, 2017

Huge thanks to the staff and parents who made the Middle Grades Trip to Charleston, SC such a success! Kudos to Ms. Michelle for her planning and leadership and Ms. Jenny for her facilitation and coordination.  Also, huge thanks to parents Xavier Preud'homme, Angela Ireland, Manoj Mohanan, Karen Saxer, Kimberly Holt, Manpreet Bhutani, and Don Hopkins, without whom the trip would not have been such a success.
Congratulations to Module 3 Merit, Honor Roll and Character Students:
Merit: Sebastian Ball, Andy Kreeger, Ellie Scammell, Dean McCalmon, Lena Cron, Nithya Mohanan, Guillaume Preud'homme, Mira Salemy, Shya Chakeres, Mattie Ramont, Beckett Shulman, Jackie Wenzlik, Clarabelle Brown, Ashley Hartman, Alina Huangfu, Patrick Ireland, Gabriella Taylor, Eli Terry, and Ian Powrie.
Ethan Salemy, Stella Schick, Anna Bailey, Nina Elvin, Ephram Oliver, Charlotte Robinson, Max Terry, Kevin Cui,  Tully Daniel, Susannah Hill, Sydney Kamin, Claire Rusconi-Warner, Ryan Rusconi-Warner, Blaze Theil, Evelyn Thorne, Elizabeth Whetzel, Izzi Brown, William Harrison, Heather Hartman, Harry Jones, Megan Milner, Cyan Pell, Jacob Pinto, John Wang, Sally Yang, Kira Arges, Sean Kowis, Ada Liu, Xander Lord, Ian Robinson, William Whetzel, Sam Wiener, Amelia Zhao, Virginia Bruhn, Isaac Goldwater, Izzy Hall, Bobby Henninger, Rachel Kowis, Chase Laster, Dylan Nono, Chris Radcliffe, Ben Sharp, Abby Weber, and Dora Xiao.
MAPP Character Awards for RESPECT:
Thomas Mampilly, Ruby Richey, Zionna Evans, and Meara Mc Cabe.
On Saturday The RoboTofu Turtle Lords (Mina Johnstone, Sebastian Ball, Priya Mampilly, Thomas Mampilly, Dean McCalmon, Andy Kreeger, and Prana Bernstein) competed in their first ever FIRST Lego League Tournament at Reedy Creek Middle School in Cary, N.C. 29 teams from across the Triangle were in attendance. Congratulations to Heather Hartman who was awarded The Young Adult Mentor Award (YAM) by FIRST North Carolina. The YAM Award is given to a student mentor who has shown great dedication and leadership in the support of FIRST programs in North Carolina. Many thanks to the other Upper School students who were there to assist (Virginia Bruhn, Kathleen Stancil-Suttton and Patrick Ireland) and to parents Donald Ball and John Ireland who were also volunteers at the event. Coaches Angela and Robyn and Ms. Michelle were very proud of all involved!
Way to go, Crop Walkers.  We just learned that Camelot once again won the Silver Sneaker Award for being the second highest fundraising school in the Durham Walk last spring.
Crates are out - Monday and Tuesday for parents to review work.  
Message from Xander Lord and the National Honor Society:
Greetings Parents, Academic Fair this Friday marks the last day of the Sock and Hygiene Collection for those in need. Please bring any last minute socks or toiletry donations to Academic Fair and deposit them in the box corresponding to your child’s homeroom to help them win a trophy and a pizza party. The winner will be announced at Academic Fair. These hygiene items are acceptable: Gallon size zip-top bags, soap (1 reg. bar or 2 small), shampoo (2 hotel size or 1 small), conditioner (2 hotel size or 1 small), lotion (hotel size or larger that fits in zip-top bag), deodorant (1.8 oz. size), toothbrush, toothpaste (small tube or full size - tube only, no box), wash cloth, disposable razor, shaving cream (6 oz.), dental floss, hand sanitizer, mints, and lip balm. Thank you very much!
The Week Ahead:  
Monday and Tuesday
Crates are out.
Upper School students present their Academic Fair research for evaluation.
Midnight - lunch order deadline for week AFTER Thanksgiving
8:30AM - Ringling College of Art & Design (FL)
Midnight - Advance sign-up for after-care deadline for week AFTER Thanksgiving
School Closes at 3:30 PM
Optional Care available by advance sign-up.  Contact Wendy (
(All activities at Durham Convention Center.  12:30 dismissal.  You can find all of the details here:
School Closed November 20-24 for Fall Break!
I look forward to seeing you on Friday!
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