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Talent-Based Scholarships

Talent-Based Scholarships

The Chris De Carlo Scholarship

Named for the father of Camelot's Founder and Director, Thelma De Carlo-Glynn, the Chris De Carlo Scholarship is awarded based on academic potential and financial need. Consideration is given to: 1) standardized test scores, 2) academic record, 3) letter of recommendation or professional reference.

Chris De Carlo Scholarships range from $1,000 to $4,000 depending on the need, ability and potential of the applicant. Open to rising 4th grade through 11th grade students.

*As of 6/08, the Chris De Carlo Scholarship has been broadened to include talent-based scholarships in the following areas: art, music, and athletics. Contact Director of Admissions, Scott Mitchell, for more details.

All Camelot scholarships are renewable, as long as the student maintains the same high level of academic performance and remains a student in good standing at Camelot Academy.

Camelot Academy reserves the right to limit or cap the number of scholarships awarded to a class, a grade level or division of the school.

All scholarships are available only at the time of enrollment for students entering at grade four or above.

All students who enter the school in grades K through 3 and wish to be considered for a merit-based scholarship will be tested in the spring of 3rd grade.