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Edu-Ventures: Learning Lifted Off the Page!

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The Edu-Ventures Program

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For more information contact Scott Mitchell, Director of Admissions at (919) 688-3040.


Summer Explorations


Dream it - Build it Camp for Teenagers

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Join master-builder Thad Lawrence on the Camelot Farm property in north Durham for a week of building projects. Historic log cabin renovation and floating docks will be the focus of these workshops. Learn carpentry, design and use of tools in this all hands-on experience.


Teen Film-Making Worksho

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The art and the craft of filmmaking is a process through which we can translate and interpret the human experience, creating visual and audio expression and perspective. This week-long workshop with professional filmmaker Ken Peterson gives students the opportunity to explore the various aspects of filmmaking through classroom discussion and demonstrations, with a major emphasis on hands-on practical exercises to help develop the technical foundation useful in future film work. The workshop will cover The Script, Scene Direction, Techniques for Camera, Sound and Lighting, and How to Use the Resources at Hand. By nature, filmmaking is an inclusive, collaborative process. Students will work together to create a short film, hold a screening and post to our web site.


Wild Arts for Teens

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Join arts educator Megan Fitz for an exciting summer workshop in which we will engage our intuitive and imaginative capacities as a way of deepening our relationship with the wildness in us and around us. Camp activities will include puppet and mask-making, romping and exploring, gardening, dance and movement, self/identity exploration, and more. We will practice cultivating self-trust and inner-knowing, while also connecting in community.

For Film Making and Wild Arts Exploration Camps, extended times available at an additional cost:

**Early Drop off (8-9 AM): $35/week
**Late pick up (4-5:30 PM): $50/week

Summer School 2018

For rising 5th-12th graders - Download Registration Form

General Information

Camelot Academy's summer academic offerings follow in the tradition of our school-year approach to education. Instruction is individualized, class sizes are small, and emphasis is placed on true mastery of the material.

Credit arrangements can be made with other schools. We require a letter from the principal or guidance counselor of a student's home school outlining the requirements for granting credit. This letter must be submitted to Camelot prior to the start of summer classes.

Weekly sessions June-August, 2018 (minimum 2 weeks enrollment)

*Successful completion of this course may satisfy a Camelot grade of "Incomplete" due to absence, pace, or mastery.

**Students working towards credit for a public high school may be required to attend additional study sessions 2-3 times per week to meet hour requirements. These sessions will be available at an additional charge.

Important Notice: Students from other schools needing only a 2nd semester credit will be required to demonstrate mastery of 1st semester material prior to enrollment.

Please Note: Historically this class fills with a wait list!!!
Group size is limited to 10 students, and classes are filled on a first come-first served basis.


Weeks Offered:


It is the policy and commitment of Camelot Academy that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, ethnic or national origin.

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