I hope this finds you healthy and well as we launch into another unusual season.  We are deeply grateful for the outpouring of support around the Graduation of our Class of 2020.  The joy, love, hope and community that was shared was a welcome change of tempo from our extended time at home.


As you are aware, in the ensuing days the world has grown even more challenging as it has called on us all to examine the issues of racism and injustice as citizens of our communities, nation and the world. It is both Humbling and Centering to know that our children need us more than ever - to lead through our willingness to listen, learn, reflect and evolve - to provide them with the best world we can help shape - and to prepare them to step into their own roles to participate in that world. Last week, our incoming Global Certificate students engaged in a two day orientation.  Never has such programming been more relevant or important - with its focus on the interconnection of us all and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.  They are eager to make a difference. We will look to the members of this program to help shape our dialogues and opportunities as we embark on our new school year with the aptly-titled theme of Resilience.


The 2020-21 school year will clearly have many signature aspects. Camelot will continue its ongoing “Quest” for innovative use of Time and Place to provide what best suits the evolving realities of community health metrics and the input of our clientele.  During our Teacher Work Days we spent much time analyzing many scenarios, vetting relative “pro’s” and “con’s,” and setting priorities and protocols for each plan of action.  During the week of July 6th, the faculty will meet again to take stock of local COVID-19 metrics and their implications. We will then send you a Parent Questionnaire so that we can finalize our fall schedules and plans with the benefit of your input.  Meanwhile, we are working to increase our outdoor learning spaces at both the farm and the school, reviewing online curriculum and assessment options, and creating scheduling frameworks that will allow for best practices when on campus as well as seamless transitions to virtual mode, as the needs arise.  “The Quest,” with this backdrop, promises to open the way to many exciting new opportunities and our guiding principle of providing a “unique path” for each student keeps all of these efforts in focus. To that point, no matter the community-wide metrics, virtual options will be provided at all times for families who choose that modality for any part of the upcoming school year, including those who may need to do so based on illness or exposure to COVID-19.


In mid-June our office will mail the annual packet of info about the summer/fall including info about mid-summer socials, Parent Orientation, Semester Fees, health questionnaires, new family orientation meetings with me, carpool info, etc.


Preliminary 2020-21 school calendar info can be found on the school website, with some items left to be filled in later in the summer.



A few housekeeping reminders:


Summer programming begins tomorrow. If your student is signed up for summer school in the coming week, you should have received an email from the instructor with info and directions.  For those signed up for later weeks, the login info will be sent the week before. Please let me know if you have any trouble locating this information.


Final Grades for 2019-20 will be mailed and the portal opened on Friday, June 19.


If you have school materials to return, please put them in a bag labeled with your name and leave them on the side porch. 


If you have items in the building you need to collect, please email to make arrangements to do so.


School will be closed for Summer Break from June 22- July 3rd.


Parent Orientation is Monday, August 24- session options throughout the day.


The first day of school is Wednesday, August 26.


I’m going to deep-dive for the next week into the world of report cards, comments and transcripts.  I may need an extra day or so to respond to emails during this time.


As always, feel free to reach out with ideas, questions and feedback - your input and collaboration is invaluable. Next month, we’ll be asking for that feedback more formally, on the Parent Survey.


Until then, take good care. I send you all a virtual hug.






It is the policy and commitment of Camelot Academy that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, ethnic or national origin.

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