We had a very successful first full week of school and we are poised to launch the first iteration of the Hybrid Schedule following our Faculty Retreat. It is exciting - and a marvel - to see all these moving parts start to come together.  We are learning A GREAT DEAL! Our students are getting the hang of new routines and new platforms - just beautifully.  Families are giving us timely feedback and helping us figure out things on behalf of their students.  Teachers are having the opportunity to scrap a plan that didn’t work well and then replace it with something much better….and to experience the JOY in that.  YAY for flexibility, creativity and responsiveness!


For Students, this is a SHORT week - just Monday and Tuesday classes. Middle and Upper School students have Academic Fair projects to continue to work on/think about.  Class of ‘21 students have plenty to do on the college application front. For everyone this is a great time to organize and set up for the rest of the semester.


For Teachers, this is a LONG week - this is when it all “comes to the table.”  We will be bringing everything we have learned about our students to the planning process to create goals for the year.  Parent input is a welcome part of the process.


Parents - please be sure to complete the Parent Retreat Feedback Form that I sent you on Friday.  Deadline for completion is noon tomorrow (Monday).  We request that each family complete a form on behalf of each student.


The Week Ahead:



8 AM

Upper School Morning Meeting 

ALL Upper School students need to attend to learn about Elective Class sign up.  (We are using Google Meet rather than Zoom to accommodate the number of attendees -- please see email for link)

Phone Numbers: (see email)

PIN: ‪(see email)



Deadline for Parent Retreat Feedback Form submission




-         Middle and Upper School Hybrid Schedule families will receive DocuSign COVID Protocols Form from Ms. Wendy to sign and return by Friday


Wednesday - Friday:

-         School Closed for Faculty Retreat (Please note that teachers and staff will be away from email at this time as we conduct intensive planning meetings on behalf of our students.)



-         Hybrid Schedule families will receive an email with Module 2 on-campus rotation info. This is a “training” module for rotations to campus for both students and teachers.  Most eXtended classes will schedule a few rotations to either Main or the Farm campus during these two weeks. NOTE - we plan to announce schedules for future modules more than a week in advance.  Our learning pods will be in place post-Retreat, which informs and streamlines the process.


-         Middle/Upper Hybrid Schedule families - deadline for return of DocuSign COVID Protocols Form




Monday, September 21:

Begin Module 2


Thursday, September 24:

Virtual Parent Night (a required parent event).  At Parent Night you will meet with each of your student’s classroom teachers to learn about specific class curriculum, routines, materials and expectations.

MAPP @ 5 PM, Middle Grades @ 6 PM, Upper School @ 7 PM


Week of October 19:

Each Camelot family will have a Zoom Family Conference with the full teaching team for their students.  At that time we will review Pretest Results and early progress.  We will also use that opportunity to collaborate with you on any fine-tuning needed to the plans


There are lots of exciting things ahead! I hope you have a great week! 




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