Greetings and Happy April!


I hope this email finds you at the tail-end of a great Spring Break.


Congratulations to these seniors on their recent college news:

-         Blaze Thiel - UNC Wilmington

-         Harry Jiang - University of Toronto - Mississauga and Scarborough

-         Emily Ren - Ohio State, UC Davis, UC Riverside, and UC Santa Cruz

-         Sylvia Xu - University of Toronto - Scarborough, St George and Mississauga


Also, congratulations to Senior Nina Elvin who wrote a podcast review that received “Honorable Mention” in the New York Times Sixth Annual Student Review Contest.


Thanks to Elizabeth Whetzel, Anna Bailey, Natalie Bailey and Nelle Poehlman who - with support from Ms. Amy and Mr. Thomas - did some important garden work on the Main Campus on a recent weekend.  We have plans to extend the gardening and grounds “work fun” to parents. You are welcome to join in on Saturday, April 17- details to follow, save the date!


Thank you for your completion of the Quarter 4 Modality Sign-Up.  We are excited to be offering expanded on-campus classes and activities for all grade levels beginning next week (April 12).  Many of our students have chosen to remain virtual for the remainder of the year and our schedules were designed from the start to accommodate this eventuality. The parameters of Q4 on-campus programming are different for each of our three divisions (MAPP, Middle and Upper) and were detailed in the division-specific sign-up form.  As noted there, younger and older Middle Grades students will have different routines, the details of which vary by student course schedule. Individual Middle Grades schedules will be sent home early this week.  MAPP and Upper School on-campus rotations are, as they have been, determined at the classroom level.  Upper School parameters change with each two-week rotation of long-block classes (A, B, C and D) and are announced in the Google Classrooms. We have taken care to consider all parent comments and feedback and will continue to work to incorporate it in the plans as we move through the rest of the semester.  Deepest thanks to our amazing faculty whose own joy of having increased opportunities for in-person time with their students is fueling the substantial effort involved in doing it well, and without compromise to academic excellence or meeting individual academic goals for the year. Of course, as we have all learned so well, all plans are subject to the backdrop of COVID developments. Our framework is strong in the event of the need for an individual or a class to pivot to a virtual format for any period of time.




We had an especially positive Faculty Retreat.  It seems we hit the right balance between preparing for the many, many details and events of the upcoming quarter and sharing and reflecting on our triumphs and challenges over the first part of the year.  We began a dialogue called “Pandemic Keepers” that will be ongoing - it features the exchange of priorities and practices we’ve discovered in the past 12 months that have “staying power” to enhance the future delivery of our Core Values of providing a uniquely individualized, mastery-based education.  I know I speak for the entire staff when I say how much we appreciate the support of your family for this time for our professional connection and reflection.





Please note that several emails will be coming to you this week:

-         Invite to Parent/Student Saturday Garden Work-Day (April 17)

-         Summer School info and registration links

-         Class of ‘21 graduation info (to graduates/their families only this week)

-         Info about a parent event - the screening and talkback of the movie ANGST (I previewed over break - this will be worthwhile and relevant to many families)


On Wednesday at 3:00 PMall graduating seniors need to attend a Zoom meeting with me via the Senior Guidance link to discuss final college selections, graduation and speeches.




-         Class of ‘22 (juniors) start their daily A Rotation college/future planning meetings on Monday. All juniors were sent a Google Classroom invitation before break.  Students attend each day at 8:30 AM or 10:30 AM (whichever does not conflict with English class)

-         The upcoming week is an ALL VIRTUAL “travel buffer” for all classes, at all grade levels

-         Starting the week of April 12, students may attend their on-campus class rotations after waiting 10 days from return from travel (or 7 days with a negative PCR test taken on Day 5 and submitted to school)

-         If you received a Mid Semester Warning email, please reply to Ms. Jill so she knows you are in receipt






Monday - Begin Module 13 - Rotation A

-         JR MAPP - PE with Ms. Krista

-         SR MAPP - Music with Ms. Sasha

-         Middle Grades - Art with Ms. Leah

-         Upper School - A Rotation (English) classes for all

o   8:15 AM - Upper School Homeroom

o   Class of ‘22 College/Future Planning Meetings begin




Tuesday, April 13 - on-campus rotations resume

Friday, April 16 - Module 13 ends

Saturday, April 17 - Family Garden Work Day (details to follow)



I hope you have a great weekend and best wishes for a joyous Easter or Passover if your family is celebrating either holiday.




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