Module 1 and the first rotation of the X Schedule are a wrap!  What an adventurous module this was - full of sunshine and raindrops - but more importantly filled with laughter and memory-making with both old and new friends.  We are delighted that every Camelot student and staff member has been part of the on-campus opening module - it is a joy to be together.

BEHIND THE SCENES:            
We worked very hard to try new things on our two rain days with both MAPP and Middle Grades students on campus. We learned a lot!  I couldn’t be more proud of the winning attitude of students, teachers (and parents) who have been incredibly supportive in our very dynamic “Think Again” process.  It has been both exhausting and exhilarating.  When the week finally started to slow into the station on Friday evening I found myself reflecting on some highlights - teachers coming into my make-shift classroom/office bubbling over with excitement about student work and accomplishments - everything from MAPP student triumphs at the farm, to prolific bursts of writing in Middle Grades, to remarkably creative expression in an Upper School linguistics class. All of this with minimal student behavioral challenges or stress.  Although Camelot Village did not set out with the goal of documenting the positive attributes of outdoor learning, I realize we are acquiring quite a testimony to its merits.



Tomorrow (Monday):


(We are eager to have students join virtual classrooms and master some of the basics needed for successfully executing academic expectations in this format). 

Please TEXT the HOTLINE if there are any difficulties - 919-886-5792


Tomorrow (Monday) begins Module 2:

For UPPER SCHOOL students this means:

- Purple Group students who were in Environmental Science may now arrive at 9:30 AM.
- Gold Group students who were in Civics may now be dismissed at 2:30 PM
- All Upper School students will have a new long-block class this module - a history and/or science class (Google Classroom codes and schedules being sent today)
- Gold Group students will have a new arts/wellness special on Monday afternoons
- Purple Group students will have a new arts/wellness special on Friday mornings.

For MIDDLE and MAPP students this means:

-         A new rotation of Specials classes, including PE

Beginning TUESDAY:

-         Lunch service begins

-         Cross Country practices begin

-         Soccer practices begin



Kudos to Ms. Lori who orchestrated our first round of COVID surveillance testing with expertise and vision.  All families should have received their results Friday night or Saturday morning.  Our school stats indicate that no one on campus on Friday tested positive.  We have three tests that need to be repeated due to insufficient samples and 12 community members awaiting test results who were absent on Friday. To the best of our knowledge, we have completed another week with NO KNOWN ON-CAMPUS COVID SPREAD.  This accomplishment would not be possible without parental patience and support in everything from carline screening to requests to keep children home and “test” in a myriad of varying scenarios.  “Thank you” seems quite inadequate as an expression  of the depth of our appreciation.

(Please note that going forward, students who are absent on a Friday will need to provide negative PCR COVID results from a Friday or Saturday test before returning to campus on Monday.)

We will continue with our outdoor instruction into the coming week with an eye towards the gradual use of the indoor classrooms as circumstances warrant.  Of course, as always, we will apprise you of these plans before implementing them.


- If you have not yet turned in your sports paperwork but have a student who intends to participate in a sport, please email

to communicate that interest or to ask any questions pertaining to athletics at Camelot this year.

I hope you have a great week!




Monday, September 13
- ALL-VIRTUAL DAY for all grade levels

Wednesday, September 22 - Friday, September 24

-School Closed for Faculty Retreat
-Optional Care available for MAPP and Middle Grades

Friday, October 1 - End Module 2

It is the policy and commitment of Camelot Academy that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, ethnic or national origin.

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