We are looking forward to the largest Camelot gathering since November 2019  - this Friday - at our reimagined Academic Fair. Thanks, in advance, for your support and flexibility as we undertake this ambitious project!



I have plans this week to clean my office and it will be a bit like opening a time capsule! I have not worked in my office since March 13, 2020.  For real.  I have worked in my reimagined job description first at my kitchen table, then last year from a classroom overseeing classes on the porch and - this year - from the porch itself. The porch has become a multi-purpose classroom that over the course of each day hosts every grade level from K-12.  A true upside of my “office” location this year has been my constant contact with students from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM each day.  I have a front row seat in Middle Grades science experiments, MAPP art classes and Upper School English classes.  It is a joy to have this level of connection - not to be taken for granted - a unique “gift of the times,” for which I am grateful.




This Saturday Morning - Nature walk at the farm with Mr. Thomas - sign up here:


Winter Ultimate for Grades 5-8 is taking sign-up now for a late November start.  More info here:


Soccer and Cross Country athletes - please return your washed uniforms to the blue tent.




COVID results - another thing to be grateful for - 0% positive yet again!



Academic Fair - Reimagined - Friday, November 19

Please note:

-         ALL ACTIVITIES are offsite at Durham Central Park- 501 FOSTER STREET (the school building will be closed that day). 

-         Please dress for the weather!

-         Parking on street and free parking at the Historic Durham Athletic Park (500 W Corporation St)

-         In order to run with physical distancing parameters, all Middle and Upper School students have been assigned to specific shifts (A and B) with arrival and departure times to keep our numbers manageable (see THE WEEK AHEAD (below) for more details)

-         Upper School shift presenter info has been posted to the English Google Classrooms and Middle Grades info has been sent in an email from Ms. Michelle

-         Members of the Class of 22 and NHS members will help to host and should plan to attend both sessions.

-         All MAPP students will attend in Shift B.  Weather permitting, we will have some Fall Festival games!

-         NOTE TO MAPP FAMILIES - in the event of inclement weather, MAPP student/family attendance is optional

-         Each student is to be accompanied by ONE parent or adult. (Feel free to record your student’s presentation to share with family members not in attendance!) Note- this is a REQUIRED parent event.

-         Masks are required of all participants and guests, at all times

-         Thanks for your support and understanding of our need to limit numbers both by guest count and by running in two shifts.


-         Please be sure your student comes with a fully charged device ready to run their presentation. 

-         Bring the device power cord as a back up.

-         Please label all of your technology and other important components with your student’s name.

-         Please come to the event ready to support the hard work of everyone and to appreciate the diversity of topics and the range of research/presentation experience represented by our students.

-          We have planned a fun and joyful way to spread guests out across our space - have fun!

-         Of course, in the event of illness or COVID exposure, please do NOT attend this event (send message to the HOTLINE - 919-886-5792)                                 




I look forward to seeing many of you on Friday.  I wish you all a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving.

The next Update will be sent on Sunday, November 28.


Take good care,






Academic Fair shifts


- Arrive 8-8:10 AM,

 - Depart at 10 AM

SHIFT B  (includes ALL MAPP STUDENTS – plus Seniors and NHS)

- Arrive 10:15-10:25

 - Depart at 12:20


-         Our weekly COVID screening for students will be done on site at the Academic Fair, upon arrival

-         We will play a version of Musical Chairs during the presentations to space out guests across the space - a fun and joyful addition to the day!





-         Thanksgiving Break - School is Closed November 22-26


-         Classes Resume on Monday, November 29 - we will have COVID testing that day and also the Friday of that week.

It is the policy and commitment of Camelot Academy that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, ethnic or national origin.

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