Greetings and Happy Mother’s Day!


Thank you for the outpouring of appreciation to our teaching team last week.  The treats and treasures you sent added joy and buoyancy to each day.


Congratulations to junior Annabel Swansey whose piece entitled “The Fencer” was selected as 3rd Place Winner in the 2022 Virtual Congressional Art Competition for North Carolina’s Fourth District.  Her artwork will be on display in Congressman Price’s office in Durham.




On this day that honors mothers, it is of note that Mother Nature ruled last week!  In spite of our preparedness for contingencies, both the Evening of the Arts and the Upper School Dance had to be rescheduled.  I can’t thank our team enough for their winning attitudes to regroup and re-plan and the students for being such good sports about it all.



Evening of the Arts - this Thursday at the Durham Armory

-         212 Foster St, Durham, NC 27701.

-         Students should arrive no later than 6:15 PM  (Be sure to allow time for parking).

-         Parking is available on the street or at the Durham Centre Parking Garage located at 300 W. Morgan Street.

-         Show Time is 6:30 – 8:00 PM.

-         School T-shirts will go home on Thursday, May 12th for performance dress.

-         We anticipate student performers being mask-optional while on stage.

-         To support our performers, audience members are required to wear masks at all times inside the Armory.

-         Students’ invited guests may include all household members. 

-         We greatly appreciate the Armory staff for allowing us to run our event with all outside doors open, with extra air filtration and with a self-selected flexible seating set-up.


Beginning in one week -  X schedule (May 16-26)

-         Environmental Science students arrive at 8:30 AM

-         Civics students are in class until 3:30 PM

-         MAPP classes have an increased farm schedule



This is the last week of after school clubs with the exception of Chess Club and Fiber Arts Club - which will have make-up sessions the week of May 16.




The Upper School Dance has been rescheduled for Sunday, May 22 from 5-7:30 PM at Reeves Auditorium in Chapel Hill.


Class of ‘22 - NOON Monday meeting with me - graduation speeches

Class of ‘22 - 11:30 Tuesday meeting with Katie (EOA rehearsal)


Class of ‘23 - NOON Tuesday make-up meeting with me (college process, con’t)

Class of ‘23 - NOON Wednesday - new material with me


Weekly COVID testing results:

Newly positive COVID tests this week:

Via COLOR school-based testing: 1    Via private testing: 1  (plus 1 new household with COVID-positive members)


Pending test results : COLOR -  0; Private testing- 10


In light of many variables, we have made a change to the Middle and Upper School Exam Schedule:

-         Monday, May 23 - Review Day

-         Tuesday, May 24 - Math Exams

-         Wednesday, May 25 - Foreign Language Exams


I look forward to seeing you Thursday night.  Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your family today.










-         Evening of the Arts (Durham Armory)

-         See details above under “Reminders”



-         End Module 13




Monday, May 16

-         Begin X Schedule (See details above)


Sunday, May 22

-         Upper School Dance (UPDATED CALENDAR NOTE)


Monday, May 23

-         Review Day (UPDATED CALENDAR NOTE)


Tuesday- Wednesday,  May 24 and 25 (UPDATED CALENDAR NOTE)

-         Middle and Upper School Exams (Math and Foreign Language) 


Thursday, May 26



Friday, May 27

-         Graduation of the Class of 22 (seniors and their invited guests and Class of ‘23 in attendance at the live event)


-         No on-campus activities!




** WELL-BEING REMINDERS - Students should stay home if:

They have an initial positive COVID test result within the last 7 days

They are ill

They have a household member/close contact with an initial positive COVID test result within the last 7 days.

They have a household member who is ill

They have a pending test result - either from school testing on Friday OR from testing done this week.

They have a household member with a pending result, as above (this excludes pre-medical procedure or pre-travel testing)

Recent travel through major hubs and/or attendance at large gatherings has created an exposure concern

It is the policy and commitment of Camelot Academy that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, ethnic or national origin.

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