Good News:


We look forward to an exciting week, including an on-campus week with Mr. Thomas and the resumption of the Astronomy class. The week will conclude with a gathering of the Full Camelot Family at the Convention Center where the hard work of our students (and their teachers!) will be showcased on Friday morning!



Behind the scenes:


Here’s conversation I have heard between students many times in the past few days:

Do you want to see my presentation?” 

Sure, then will you see mine?”

This exchange is then followed by genuine praise and specific pointers for improvement. 

We are very proud of this body of work and the scholarly atmosphere surrounding it and look forward to sharing it with you!


As we prepare for Friday’s event, we invite Middle and Upper School  parents to be part of the process beforehand and encourage you to join the collaboration by reading and/or listening to your student’s presentation sometime in the next few days.





We look forward to gathering with all of you on Friday at the Durham Convention Center (301 West Morgan St.). 

Please enter through the courtyard doors (where the fountains are - opposite the parking garage) and proceed down the hallway with entrances to the ballrooms. You will register at the table and pick up a nametag.

MAPP students are to arrive at 9:40 AM.  Upon check-in MAPP students will line up for their musical performance.  After the musical interlude (10-10:30) they will participate in a scavenger hunt among the projects of the older students. They may leave any time after 11:15 AM.

MIDDLE GRADES students arrive by 9:40 AM and will present their projects in Group B, running until noon. (There are a couple of sibling exceptions to this timeline - they have been notified separately.)

UPPER SCHOOL students have been assigned to one of two presentation groups.  The assignments are found in their English Google Classrooms

-         Group A: 8:00 AM-10:30 AM

-         Group B:  9:40 AM-Noon

The event concludes at NOON for all.  Everyone is welcome to attend beyond their assigned times, if they so desire.




-         Seniors with a December 1 college deadline should provide me with all associated essay drafts by end of day this Monday (November 13).


-         Please keep sick students home and wait AT LEAST 24 hours (48 preferred) after resolution of GI issues and/or fever before returning to school.  We’d like to “stop the spread” and send folks off for the holiday week healthy!


-         The weather rollercoaster continues with huge temperature swings on many days - please have students dress in layers - and please LABEL those layers with names - our Lost and Found “runneth over”!


Wellness Update:

We have continued to have GI illness and colds and fever in our ranks.




I look forward to seeing you on Friday morning at the Convention Center!


I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. In this Season of Gratitude, I send you heartfelt thanks for the honor of sharing this journey with your families and the Camelot Team.  I wish you all good things.








November 20-24 - School Closed for Fall Break


Monday, November 27 - Classes resume


Friday, December 1- Second Semester paperwork due

It is the policy and commitment of Camelot Academy that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, ethnic or national origin.

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