Camelot Featured in 10/12 issue of Durham Magazine: "Finding Camelot"


  • April 9-10 Administrators from our sister school in China (The Experimental School of Shuangliu Middle School) will be visiting our classrooms. We are excited about this cultural exchange and the bridges being built for future opportunities for our students. 


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Message From the Director

Thank you for exploring Camelot Academy.

It's a pretty daunting task to sum up the heart and soul of such a vibrant community on a website. We've worked to make these pages tell our story and we hope they will entice you to visit us in person to learn more about our very unique school.

Camelot Academy represents my life's work. As a young woman of twenty-one I had an idea of a different way to "do school." I can see now that the two prominent mentors of my youth - my dad (Chris De Carlo - a successful businessman with very high but very common sense educational standards) and my college professor (Dr Julian Stanley - the internationally renowned pioneer of gifted education who was thinking outside the educational box before it was fashionable) shaped my vision of an innovative school that was run using the best practices of both business and education. As I was filled with the naiveté and courage of youth, I set out to make this idea a reality. Read More

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