OUR STUDENTS have been out on the farm building and constructing with Master Carpenter Thad Lawrence. So far this summer they have built a beautiful covered cedar deck off the barn - which will serve as a very large outdoor classroom space (pictured above). They have also built movable fencing, an 8 foot picnic bench and fencing along the waterfront. The August groups will be building another POULTRY COOP to house our ever-growing flock of assorted birds.


IT HAS BEEN INSPIRING to witness not just the use of math and science skills, but problem solving of every kind, including figuring out how to optimize individuals within a team and brainstorming of work-a-rounds. I have marveled at the successful integration of students across widely varying age and skill levels and personality types. The pride and ownership these students have towards their accomplishments is beautiful to behold. As



As an educator forever on a quest to unleash potential, this has been quite thrilling!




Congratulations to everyone that participated in the Durham CROP Walk last year! Camelot won the "Silver Sneaker" award for raising the second highest amount of money out of all schools participating. Next year we are aiming for the Gold!



Welcome to all the new members our Camelot Family.  I hope your summer is going well and you are looking forward to the start of the new school year in a few weeks.  Once our students return, you will receive a Weekly Update from me every Sunday morning.  In the meantime, this is a special Summer Update!
We have just concluded our two week program for visiting students from our sister school in Chengdu, China.  In addition, our new international families have had their orientation.  Kudos to Ms. Amy, Michael Berro and Ms. Magda for making this a great experience for all.  Ms. Charlotte and five of our high school students are in the midst of their month-long immersion experience in Ecuador.  The natural beauty, cultural richness and experience of "living like a native" is most certainly going to be remembered as a life-changing few weeks for all involved.
Pictures here:
Also posted are some pictures from the Yosemite trip run by Ms. Michelle.  Check those out here- and keep checking - as pictures will be added all week:
This week, Ms. Michelle will be running her college tour day trips.  It is also the final week for Edu-Camp (many thanks to Ms. Amanda, Ms. Nicole, Mr Mike, Ms. Liz, Ms Rachel, Ms. Lori, Ms Jenny and Ms Erin for making it great!) and Math Summer School (Kudos to Mr. Dan and Ms. Jenny for all the super accomplishments).  After that, there will be two great weeks of "Dream It-Build It" on our farm property. Upper School students in this program will learn carpentry skills and much more while building a second chicken coop (our first creation has been proclaimed a Tiny House!).  Let us know if you wish for your student to join any of these activities.
As you may have noticed, our Student Orientation and opening date is one day later than usual to allow everyone to experience the Solar Eclipse on Monday, August 21.  Camelot hopes to enhance this experience by offering a few of our own special activities, including a family viewing event at our farm property.  More details will follow this week.
We are thrilled to officially welcome two new faculty members - Joshua Erb as an Upper School Language Arts teacher and Irfan Azam as an Upper School Math and Science Teacher.  Both gentlemen have been in attendance at our summer faculty meetings and are eager and ready to embark in their roles with us.  Here is a brief bio of each:
  • Mr. Josh went to both Duke and Columbia, where he majored in English.  He then earned a Masters in Neurobiology and started his PhD before realizing his passion is teaching English.  He recently earned a Masters in Teaching English from Brown University during which time he also taught in a charter school.
  • Mr. Irfan is an Electrical Engineer with a BS degree from NC State. He most recently taught math and technology courses at the Triangle Collaborative School. Irfan enjoys music and film production.
In addition to these new faculty members, Michael Berro (known as "Berro" in deference to my husband's claim to being Camelot's "Michael") is expanding his administrative roles to include International Student Coordinator and Athletic Director.  I am taking a particular pleasure in having a Camelot alum "learning the ropes."
Among the many things that have kept us hopping over the past months is a concerted effort to send our faculty members to outstanding professional development opportunities.  I am proud of the priority we have made of our own learning and I am excited for our students to benefit from the results.  The most recent attendance has included:
  •  Ms. Michelle at The American Civil War Museum (Richmond, VA) to study "Evolving Perspectives" at the Teacher's Institute
  •  Ms. Rachel, Ms. Nicole and Ms. Amanda at the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Design conference in Denver
  •  Mr. Joshua and Ms. Amy at an Advanced Placement Conference in Panama City, Florida
  •  Mr. Matt, Ms. Magda, Mr. Berro and Ms. Charlotte at the National Association of Independent Schools Global Symposium in Miami
The August 18 Accelerated Reader (AR) Test Deadline is drawing near. Please be sure to make the reading, and coming in to take the tests, a priority.
Fall Sports launch the first day of school and registration, and an early sign-up discount (August 17), is now underway.  You can find all of the paperwork here:
Contact Berro with any questions at:
Ms. Joyce, our Parent Ed coordinator, has been busy posting new articles of interest on our Parent Ed Page.  
Check out the beer commercial and why she thought it should be included:
Thanks for reading this through - a good habit to develop to stay on top of our very active Camelot lives.  I look forward to seeing you soon.  Until then, enjoy the cooler week ahead.
Founding Director, Camelot Academy

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