• We are really pleased that we made the move to Camelot. My daughter is thriving in the intimate, individualized environment. – parents of 2nd grader
  • In a subject that my child has less interest in than others, Camelot gets her to excel and exceed expectations. parent of Upper School student
  • Always exceeding our expectations. Thrilled to be a part of such a productive and supportive learning community! Thank-you! mother of 7th grader
  • My son seems so grounded and enthusiastic this year... Your staff is superb. mother of 8th grader.
  • I can’t say it enough – Camelot has been life-changing for us!! mother of 1st grader.
  • Transformational! mother of 11th grader
  • You’ve done an amazing job of meeting my daughter where she is! mother of 4th grader
  • Really impressed with the hands-on approach to learning! It’s awesome and innovative! parents of 3rd grader
  • We wouldn’t want our child to go anywhere else! mother of 11th grader.
2018 was a special year at Camelot Academy, nourishing the soil in which the roots of our students grow and exploring the idea that many kinds of roots (historical, cultural, personal, agricultural, etc.) play many roles in our lives.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

You’re Invited To A Pool Party!

Thursday, July 12th @ Woodcroft Parkway

Check in with old Classmates, meet new Classmates!

Who: Camelot Academy Students

What: Camelot Academy Whole School Pool Party

When: Thursday, July 12th (raindate is July 19th)
  • MAPP Students, 7 – 8:30 PM
  • Middle & Upper School Students, 8 – 10:00 PM
Where: Woodcroft Club, 1203 W. Woodcroft Parkway, Durham

Sign-up Here

Monday, May 21, 2018

Civics X class has had a very eventful couple of weeks! We have had two North Carolina State Senators come to visit us at school: Senator Mike Woodard and Senator Floyd McKissick. Both gave some perspective on the political and practical considerations involved in shaping public policies; Senator McKissick talked about growing up in the Civil Rights Movement, during which his father, Floyd McKissick Sr., played a central role. Students also traveled to Raleigh on May 16 to witness the teacher rally; students asked to attend this event, and they got to hear public teachers' concerns first-hand while observing democracy in action. In addition, Camelot got some TV exposure when teacher Matt Wilhelm and student Eric Gavin were interviewed by CBS News 17's Angela Taylor! Finally, on Thursday, May 17, the class went to Durham City Hall with Amy's Middle Grades US History class to speak with Mayor Steve Schewel. The X schedule has been an amazing opportunity for Civics students to learn about American government in action!

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