Camelot Academy is a small, private school in Durham, NC. It was founded in 1982 by Thelma DeCarlo-Glynn who continues to serve as director of the school. Thelma's background in education for the academically talented (at the Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University, and the Talent Identification Program at Duke University) led her to question mainstream teaching methods. Why not take the academic approaches being used so successfully to teach the brightest students—small class size, individualized course of study, mastery-based learning—and apply them to ALL students?

Camelot Academy is the result of that insight. Over the years the school has grown from a one-room schoolhouse serving 19 students to a fully accredited K-12 program serving about 130 students. A permanent home was acquired in 1990 with the purchase of the historic residence of Judge Howard Foushee. The convenient location of the property near downtown Durham was one factor in its favor, another was the family-like atmosphere that the building and wooded grounds engendered. It reflected Camelot's commitment to a limited enrollment and providing a safe, nurturing environment. Camelot's small size allows the programming to be both flexible and creative. It also makes it possible for the staff to genuinely know all of the students and their parents.

High school graduation is a special, whole-school event at Camelot Academy and is traditionally held at the Carolina Theater. Another senior tradition is acceptance at a four-year college. All graduating seniors at Camelot have achieved this standard several years running, many earning scholarships as well.

It is the policy and commitment of Camelot Academy that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, ethnic or national origin.

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