A Common Sense Approach

Mastery-Based Learning (pioneered by Dr. Benjamin Bloom) enables all students to achieve to the highest level of their ability, while ensuring that no student moves on without mastering key concepts needed for future success. Camelot's Founding Director, Thelma De Carlo-Glynn, believes this common sense approach, while not commonly practiced, is the key to unlocking potential in all students.



It's All About YOU

'Individualization' is one of those buzz words that educators often use when discussing best practices. Everyone agrees it's a good thing but in reality it is a very labor-intensive promise to deliver on. True individualization requires both small classes and a small school with a commitment to sustained flexibility and reflective practice.



Parents as Team-members

We recognize that parental involvement is critical to student success. Parents are part of our team, with students and teachers being the other members. As with any team, there has to be communication, commitment and follow-through. We are committed to keeping parents informed about what happens in school through a system of meetings, written and informal communications. Similarly, we expect parents to respond to our communication and keep us apprised of any changes at home that may impact their child's performance in school. In addition, we host a number of events over the course of the school year which we label 'whole school events' that include family members to reinforce the sense of community which anchors our 'team.'


People You'd Love to Spend Several Years With

Camelot Academy has attracted its faculty members from across the country and around the world. Several have won recognition in their chosen field, many have taught abroad – all have a passion for what they do. Time and again, when Camelot students are surveyed to determine the single most important aspect of the school for them, they cite the teachers.



What it Means to be "Family"

While a student's academic progress is our measurable focus, providing a safe, nurturing environment that supports social and emotional growth is central to our mission and a factor we believe to be key to all student success. To that end, each day begins with our community time, which we call 'Morning Meeting.' All students, as well as the faculty and staff, gather to discuss/celebrate what the day has in store, which often includes visitors, field trips, birthdays and college acceptances.



From Here to Everywhere - Excellent Results

As a K-12 school, students of all grade levels benefit from the articulation of our academic goals from the primary grades to college and beyond. Our community is rich with the awareness of both scholastic and career opportunities that await our students in the Big World. We have frequent guest speakers on a variety of topics and we host an impressive number of college reps during the fall semester of each school year (click here for Guidance Calendar). We also incorporate many college visits into our school year and provide guidance to parents for their family visits to colleges. Learning about many outstanding colleges and universities and the characteristics that differentiate them is an invaluable part of the selection process.



A World Class Education - Without Expensive Frills

Camelot has one of the lowest tuition rates among independent schools in the Triangle. It can also boast the highest percentage of tuition assistance through an array of merit-based and talent based awards, sibling discounts and financial aid. Payment plans (internal and external) help make our school an affordable option for a variety of circumstances. In addition, Camelot participates in the NCSEAA Opportunity Scholarship and Disability Grants Program. (For more detailed information, see Tuition, Fees, Scholarships & Financial Aid).


High Standards

Camelot Academy is accredited by the National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA), meaning the course work completed at Camelot Academy is transferable to other public or private schools. As part of our accreditation requirement we give a nationally normed, standardized test once a year in the spring (the ERB CTP – Educational Record Bureau Comprehensive Testing Program exam. For more information about NIPSA go to: NIPSA.org. For information on the ERB go to: ERBlearn.org)


It is the policy and commitment of Camelot Academy that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, ethnic or national origin.

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