Parent Testimonials

I wanted to say Thank You to all of the Camelot staff for the foresight and allowing the students to continue with their classes. From my perspective, it has been a very positive experience for both of my students. One of those being that we now have active discussions about what is happening with their classes, both socially and academically. It used to be a pull discussion with very little details.

Again, Thank you for the planning and the preparation for the online class instruction. This experience has been another reminder of how grateful we are for being at Camelot.

Parent of Two Upper School Students

I want to thank you for all the work you're doing and commend you for your leadership, quick action and willingness to go for new ideas, new ways, at short notice. Also, the same for your wonderful band of teachers and staff. Appreciate you, all of them, your work, their work at Camelot and thrilled to be part of this creative, enterprising and caring community. Both of my children are enjoying the online classes. Thank you again!

Parent of MAPP and Middle Grades Students

You know I’m a huge Camelot fan and this transition to virtual learning just adds to that. The Camelot team is taking care of the students’ academics but also their mental health during this time. The MAPP teaching team and all of the Upper School teachers have been incredible. My daughter loves school (those are words I never thought I would say). Anyway, I just wanted to show my gratitude for all you and the Camelot team does.

Parent of MAPP and Upper School Students

I write to express my undying love and gratitude for your amazing work in making the leap to distance instruction. I am deeply impressed at how well the online learning is working for Sr. MAPP. The way you’ve organized the meetings and small groups has been appropriate and effective. The work you are having them do is just right, and I appreciate that my daughter doesn’t have to be glued to her laptop for 6 hours at a time! I love that the kids are still getting one-on-one time! I might have thought that kids this age wouldn’t necessarily do well in online learning, but you have firmly settled any doubts. I have been impressed at how the whole team has handled tech glitches and found options that DO work.

On a daily basis, I am incredibly grateful for the nimbleness, resourcefulness, and mastery-based mission of Camelot. Without these attributes, the shift to online learning would have been a mess. Although I was originally skeptical about the need for laptops in Sr. MAPP this year, I am now unbelievably glad that digital citizenship and the use of online resources were established in the curriculum.

Thank you, thank you, thank you… from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU so much for all you’re doing right now.

With love and deep respect,

Parent of a MAPP Student

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