On Saturday, Camelot Robotics hosted the 2nd Annual Bull City FLL Scrimmage for 20 area teams.

On Saturday, Camelot Robotics hosted the 2nd Annual Bull City FLL Scrimmage for 20 area teams. The scrimmage was designed as a mock FLL competition to help prepare our fellow FLL teams for the upcoming competitive season.  The scrimmage started with teams participating in panel interviews on robot design in the morning and wrapped with robot performance runs in the afternoon. The event drew over 200 participants making it a successful community building experience. Camelot FLL Teams “RoboTofu Raptors” (Jackson McCalmon and Simon Holt) and “RoboFoxes” (Ethan Salemy, Ellie Larsen, Anna Bailiey, Patrick Ireland, Nate Hopkins, Clara Brown) graciously competed and shared their positive FLL experiences with their fellow teams.


Many thanks to students Kathleen Stancil-Sutton, Virginia Bruhn, Abby Weber, Colin Whiteford, Christopher Radcliffe, Elias Stephens, Zachary Ireland, and Xander Lord who held vital roles of referees, team mentors, score keepers, time keepers, and judges. Their professionalism and dedication to their roles created the perfect environment for learning and laughter.  Additional thanks are due to an army of parent volunteers Sandy Bailey, Chris Larsen, David Whiteford, John Ireland, Cynthia McCalmon, Brennan Stephens, Jon Holt, and Chris Bailey who fully embraced many support roles throughout the day.  Coaches Angela Ireland, Bob Radcliffe and Robyn Stephens were extremely proud of how the robotics program represented Camelot Academy to our larger community."
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