Dream it, Build it


OUR STUDENTS have been out on the farm building and constructing with Master Carpenter Thad Lawrence. So far this summer they have built a beautiful covered cedar deck off the barn - which will serve as a very large outdoor classroom space (pictured above). They have also built movable fencing, an 8 foot picnic bench and fencing along the waterfront. The August groups will be building another POULTRY COOP to house our ever-growing flock of assorted birds.

IT HAS BEEN INSPIRING to witness not just the use of math and science skills, but problem solving of every kind, including figuring out how to optimize individuals within a team and brainstorming of work-a-rounds. I have marveled at the successful integration of students across widely varying age and skill levels and personality types. The pride and ownership these students have towards their accomplishments is beautiful to behold. As


As an educator forever on a quest to unleash potential, this has been quite thrilling!


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