CONGRATULATIONS to senior Rohan George on his acceptance to Concordia University in Montreal.


Kudos to the Apiary Club (and Ms. Sarah) for their very successful “Bee My Honey” Valentine sale.  Thanks to you - our families - for your enthusiastic support. 


More thanks to our community from the NHS (and Ms. Bev):

Thank you all so much for supporting the Ronald McDonald House and the amazing work that they do! Your donations will help the RMHC provide free food and housing near Duke Hospital for the families of hospitalized children.


Congratulations to Gold Group for donating the most items! Gold students will have the first pick of a prize this Monday, February 12th. Purple, Middle Grades, and MAPP students will collect their prizes on Tuesday, February 13th.




As these Weekly Updates reflect - there has been a surge of student-driven initiatives in recent weeks.  We are proud and thrilled to have this level of active student engagement in so many aspects of our programming.





Wednesday February 14- Friday, February 16

-         School closed for Family Conferences

-         PLEASE be sure to double check the day and time of your appointment (if you have one) and come with your thoughts and questions to share!

Monday, February 19

-         School closed for Presidents’ Day



Club info went home in an email from Wendy last week and can be found on our website here:

-         Most clubs start/resume the week of February 26

-          D&D Club begins TOMORROW -  Monday, February 12.

-         Tuesday - Battle of the Books meets as usual.


Summer Program info is also on our website - here:

-         Don’t miss wilderness and homesteading adventures - on campus, at the farm and out in the community! 

-         We have a great slate of opportunities for all ages!




Camelot Academy’s Pilot Parent Book Club:


Ms. Amy would like to invite parents to come to Camelot on March 19 at 7pm to discuss or hear about the book Never Enough: When Achievement Culture Becomes Toxic and What to do About It by Jennifer Breheny Wallace.  This New York Times bestseller addresses the pressure on students of this generation to optimize every moment and “succeed.”  This thought-provoking text grapples with why students are internalizing messages about what success means and how to improve communication with them so they feel that they matter.  As is the case for many book clubs, you can attend regardless of whether you read the book or not, but we hope some of you will read so we can engage in dialogue.

-         The Durham library has a short waitlist, or you can purchase it from a local bookshop like The Regulator here: .

-         Pizza dinner will be provided for those who attend in person, and we will send out a Zoom link if people want to try to participate remotely. 

-         Please RSVP here so we can gauge interest and plan accordingly:



From the Perimeter Project Communications Committee:

Dear Parents,

The Upper School students have been working all year on a project to build a privacy barrier along the side of the school. A new phase has begun, and each Upper School student is on a committee to contribute to the creation of this barrier. The committees are: Budgeting, Building, Communications, Documentary, Landscaping, Permitting, and Planning. Ask your Upper School student for more information on what they are doing in their committee, and we look forward to sharing more updates with you throughout the semester.



Upper School students will be dismissed at 2 PM on Thursday, March 21 to accommodate the MAPP Academic Fair.


Wellness Update:

We have had another week of significant absences - staff and student - due to illnesses that range from COVID (2) to Strep (1) to an intense GI virus and an equally formidable congestion/fever virus. We are hopeful the upcoming conference break will allow for a needed reset.  In the meantime, we appreciate the ongoing vigilance to keep students home who have any symptoms or who have had any GI or fever (without meds) in the last 24+ hours.


We look forward to seeing many of you in Family Conferences this week.









Tuesday, February 20, 4:30-6:30

New to Upper School (NUS) student-led conferences (Each NUS student and parents participate for a 30 minute window, at their convenience, within the two hour window.  Students may join the study hall that day (at no charge) to await parent arrival if that is most convenient.


Week of February 26

-Most Second Semester clubs begin


Monday, March 11

-         School closed for Faculty Retreat


Friday, March 15

-         Mid Semester


Tuesday, March 19 – 7 PM

-         Parent book club (see info above)


Thursday, March 21

-Upper School dismissed at 2 PM

- MAPP Academic Fair

It is the policy and commitment of Camelot Academy that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, gender, religion, ethnic or national origin.

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